• Sensual Epicenter
    of the French Riviera

    Welcome to La Courtisane, your libertine club nestled in the heart of the magnificent city of Cannes. Immerse yourself in a world where audacity meets elegance, where passions awaken under the sparkling lights of the French Riviera.

  • La Courtisane redefines the libertine experience by offering an exclusive sanctuary dedicated to eroticism, companionship and the liberation of the senses. Whether you are a novice or accustomed to libertine pleasures, our newly renovated club welcomes you in a warm and refined atmosphere.

    Our Libertine Club La Courtisane puts at your disposal:
    Lounge Bar
    Glory Hole
    • et plusieurs and several private couples spaces

    Welcome to La Courtisane, where pleasure is an art.

  • The Club Charter

    At La Courtisane, we pronate respect, discretion and kindness towards all our guests. We strive to create a safe and friendly environment where everyone can explore their desires and fantasies freely.

    A few rules must be respected within La Courtisane:

    • For Madame, chic and sexy outfits are particularly appreciated and pants are not allowed in the evening. In the interest of discretion, you can arrive in street clothes and change on site in the changing rooms.

    • For Monsieur, shirt, pants and dress shoes are required in the evening.

The Club in pictures

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